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A know-how more than 25 years in scope of work as different as the management of shipping and freight company, airline company, passengers transport , Transportation company roadway

We have all tools to optimizing your business .

We allow you to benefit from a modern management software, intuitive and ergonomic in line with your business. 


Present across the shipping companies and airlines , the foloojoo software now manages over 5 millions passengers per year.

Controlling more than 900 points of sale, foloojoo provides a professional response to each step of the sales chain

Based on an experience of over 30 years ,


IT project of warehousing management & tracking parcels.

WATSON is a software package for the Parcel and tracking management for arrivals and departures from central site to all world ports or destination.

These recovery, delivery and or storage must, by means of communication made available to us, and be able to be consulted from a computer, mobile phone by the ordering customer and by the warehouses themselves


Business transport management solution
The presentation of orders The movement of transport according to priority Use of color as a dashboard with statuses. Pending, In progress, Completed, Cancel, Adding the reason etc...
Assignment of a driver to transport SMS Sending for driver confirmation. Sms Processing receiving support by return end of mission. Invoicing with monthly payment Fee schedule for services with management rules Tarif grid printed with mission sheet Transport statistics add driver for statement


IT solution ensures all the specifics features relating the transportation activity and wharehouse
like : prospection, sales, stocks, purchases, inventory, …
It allows to treat all profession of Carrier technical approaches and charterers responds perfectly to customs legislation industry requirements 

Maximize your business growth

Crafting out a niche for your online business

The new century has brought a lot of innovations and improvements in many fields, especially in the fields that are closely connected with particular markets, whether the markets being niche or not.

In this age where everything and everyone is connected via the Internet, the possibilities have become endless, the amount of supply of various items have gone up, as well as the demand for certain services

How we can help?

Search Engine Optimization

In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business in Google, Bing, and other search engines. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

Social Media Strategy

As more brands turn to social media to bolster their online presence, a well-considered strategy is now more important than ever. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you want to broaden your reach and take your social's account to its first one hundred, one thousand, or one million followers.

Real Time and Data

Real-time data is made available for use as soon as it is acquired. The use of real-time data is particularly seen in our IT technologies that work on delivering to-the-minute data to convenience apps that are used on personal devices or work-related ones.

Online Media Management

Digital media managers will manage the platforms and prices and make sure that as many users, customer, suppliers as possible get to see the production. This line of work requires a digital media manager who is very quick at learning and adapting to new trends comunications and technology. Having a keen eye for design is also a must.

Reporting & Analysis

The process of organizing data into informational summaries in order to monitor how different areas of a business are performing.Watson Analysis: The process of exploring data and reports in order to extract meaningful insights, which can be used to better understand and improve business performance


Securing your projects scop of work
ours consultants accompany you at each project level , ensuring that you reach your targets, to establish and introduce new concepts into your business both in France (headquarters and regions) and worldwide.

foloojoo Solutions Make A Difference

Track and Analyze Your Business data

Unleash the full potential of your data with a complete data science analysis and strategic predictive dashboards
foloojoo possesses powerful clustering tools to distribute your demand into numerous coherent segments sharing common features and behaviors. Monitor and manage each segment and apply the correct rules an regulation at the right time..


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A range of online booking and filling optimization services


Rapid interaction with clients

Customizable workflows. Build interaction flows to create repeatable, sequenceable steps with pre-defined client and internal user actions.
Built-in interactivity. Configurable user experiences
Customize modern user experiences tailored to the delivery of assisted, high-value business services.


Scientific website optimization

Make websites much faster with super-fast page loads in all conditions. Web and API Acceleration is a caching layer that provides the speed and stability required by high-traffic websites to deliver excellent web experiences for large audiences. Web and API Acceleration protects backend servers and minimizes operating costs, so you can stay online while handling more visitors for fewer resources.


Quick process increased revenue

To keep your business running, you need to increase revenues. Increasing revenues are a sign of good financial health of a business. The basic operational service and communication tactics below can help small business owners cut their costs and boost their business revenues.


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Choose your solution. We have many modules available. Do not hesitate to contact us for a demo for a specific quotation or specific



1 user

1 Back Office 

Share Support

Sale Online

Mutual server

Sale Online

$ 49/m



1 user

1 Back Office

Share Support

Sale Online

Mutual Server

Ticket Printing

$ 99/m



1 user

1 Back Office

Dedicated Support

Online Sale

Dedicated Server

Ticket printer

Tracking / Boarding


$ 149/m

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